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I’ll tell you in this 4:32 minute video and before you read why social media marketing can be useless…

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You’ve used social media for your business right?

If you haven’t, you’ve at least thought about it.

Perhaps these are some of the questions or comments that have gone through your mind:

  • How do I get more likes and interaction on my posts?
  • How do I use my social media to sell? I don’t want to be salesy
  • What do I even post? What do I say?
  • I have nothing interesting to post.
  • I don’t want to showcase or write about
  • I hate posting
  • Etc…

There’s one thing that I realized after being in the social media space for a few years:

Social media marketing can be pretty useless.

I’m totally serious.

We’ve managed multiple social media accounts over several platforms.

We’ve taught people how to use it.

We even came back to New Zealand to help offline businesses with their social media exposure.


I noticed the frustrations of many of the people we taught and I couldn’t understand what was wrong.

Why wasn’t social media marketing working for a lot of the people and small businesses we were working with?

Then it hit me…


Ok. So you know how a business plan is super important when starting a business?

Well, it’s not that much different when you’re wanting to set up your content marketing.

Wait… aren’t we talking about social media marketing?

Well, yes we are.

But, really, there’s no point in thinking about the social media aspect of it until you’ve thought of and planned out content marketing as a whole.

What does that even mean?

You see, we decided to change things up a bit and focus more on content marketing and really building a strategy around it because it’s that very strategy that will help you get your social media running smoothly.

Over the next few posts I will cover…

… WHAT content marketing is
… WHY it’s more useful than just focusing on social media marketing
… HOW to set up your strategy

Wait.. you didn’t tell me why social media can be useless.

Why Social Media Can Be Useless

Posting randomly in the hopes that maybe someone will see it, like it, comment on it and/or quite possibly share it is just as effective as eating a pair of scissors when you’re hungry in hopes that it will satisfy your hunger.

There are a number tools, tips, tutorials and teachers out there that you can follow, but you can end up spending a whole heap of money and time and get nowhere.

Spending your time planning first will give you a solid idea, understanding and a great foundation to stand on as you create a little home in the world wide web of fun.

I’m keeping this brief for now because there is so much to come for you.

Check out this topic list below.

I’ll be adding to this as time goes on.

Content Marketing Series Topics (Click To See Topics)


Part 1: Using Your Uniqueness to Fuel the Fire For Your Content Journey

  1. How To Create Originality and Authenticity
  2. How to Use Your “Why” to Fuel You
  3. 3 Ways to Embrace Your Vision
  4. How Your Purpose is the Glue in Your Content
  5. Why Your Values and Needs Are Required To Create a Solid Foundation
  6. Posting with Purpose (intention) Part I - How to Maintain A Congruent Message

Part 2: Finding Rhythm, Flow & Ease

  1. Take the guessing game out of your “plan"
  2. Being Consistent
  3. Creating a Strategy
  4. Choosing a Channel That Works For You
  5. Posting with Purpose Part II (observation) - Looking at the Bigger Picture
  6. Choosing Topics
  7. Scheduling

Part 3: From Inspiration to Fun Action

  1. How to Move Forward When You Aren't Tech Savvy
  2. Making It Easy On Yourself - Creating Systems, leveraging tools and mentors
  3. Finding Your Confidence in Creating Content
  4. Harnessing What You Know To Provide Killer Value
  5. Posting with Purpose Part III (application) - Using Your Uniqueness to Your Advantage
  6. Seriously… What The Heck Do You Say?

Part 4: Captivating Your “Cult” Community

  1. Knowing How to Talk to Your Audience
  2. Connecting with the Audience
  3. Creating Relationships
  4. Encouraging Interaction
  5. Harnessing the Human Connection (Personally Contacting)
  6. Collaborating to Grow Exponentially


BONUS Topics

  1. Dealing with Haters

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