Take Advantage of the Opportunities Data Provides – Create Your Content System – Part 4 of 5

I remember when I used to be so focused on instant results when it came to getting online presence.

I used to think…
… I want 10k followers on Instagram
– I want to grow my list to 1,000 this month
– I want 500 views on my YouTube video.

I thought it was the be all, end all… If I just did one thing, that it all simply grow.

Well.. it did…


3 Ways to Embrace Your Vision – 3 of 6 of Part 1: Using Your Uniqueness to Fuel the Fire

I remember training for the Honolulu marathon in 2002 while living in San Francisco. Training was a lot harder than the actual race itself. Running up and down those hills and through Golden Gate Park seemed endless for those few months. I was raising money for the AIDS foundation and that helped fuel me. But, I also needed something to pull me forward. I had to constantly envision me

Intro to Content Marketing

You’ve heard of “social media marketing” right?
It’s quite possible you’ve heard of “content marketing” as well.
Have you?
Perhaps not and maybe you’re not quite clear on either or both those terms.
What are

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