What are your top marketing challenges?

“63% of marketers say that their top challenge is generating enough traffic and leads.”
(State of Inbound 2017 report)

Here Are 3 Tips To Help You Generate More Traffic and Leads

We’ve been able to generate a good amount of traffic over the years.

From our personal experience we found the holes in our process to adjust to get the relatively consistent flow.

The Daily Tips I put out cover the lessons we’ve learned over time.

From that these tips below are good things to think of when you’re trying to generate more traffic and leads.

After reading this, if you have any tips that aren’t mentioned here… add them below. 



Having a website is a great start.

Having a gorgeous and informative website isn’t enough.

You need eyes to look at and read your content right?

It’s like having a retail store in the middle of the desert off highway 66 without a sign telling people you exist.

You need a way to bring those eyeballs and traffic to your store.


Your leads are potential customers if you’re looking to generate revenue online.

Even if your goal is to just give value to the right people, these are the people who’s problem you’re solving.

Even if they don’t buy, but they get great information from you they can still talk about you to other people who may be interested in the same information.

It’s like the ripple effect.

TIP #1

Why are you trying to generate traffic anyway?

Is it to just get people to see your website?

Are you trying to sell something?

Do you have a free e-book you can give away to give people more information or grow your subscriber list?

Knowing what you want to do will make it easier to create the right campaign with the right information.

TIP #2

A couple of the first questions I ask students and clients I mentor is:
“Do you have a list of emails of existing and potential customers?”


“Are you sending out emails?”

Yes… our email boxes really are bloated.

And to be honest, it is harder and harder to get seen.

After you create your strategy and put out a batch of different types of content you can set up a workflow that will eventually siphon the right people on the right lists.

Part of that means that you can create a list that has people whom you already know are at a different point in the buying cycle.

The more refined your workflow is, the higher chances you’ll be able to create a list with buyers.

Just because you have a list of emails and are sending emails to these people, doesn’t mean you have it set up in a way you can easily automate yourself.

Have the proper tools set up and you’ll be able to free up your time later on.

TIP #3

I do have to admit. I do like metrics, but my measurement ability is not as refined as Mike’s.

(Which is why I’ve mentioned in a Daily Tip to write down your skills, pick the ones you like the best and outsource the rest. I outsource my heavy analytics with Mike.)

I “outsource” my heavy analytics to Mike because he can get impressions and click throughs for pennies and leads starting from less than a dollar to about less than $5 depending on the campaign.

Mind you that everyone’s costs will be different. If you can get a lead for $20, but you have a higher ticket product, then $20 is ok. If your product is less than $100 (as an example) then you may want to aim for a smaller budget… unless you’re ok with the $80 net.

But, how can my husband/biz partner get low cost clicks and leads etc? (Maybe being Dutch helps because he’s so good with #s)

(Jokes aside)

He tests small and scales up on well performing metrics.

Actually… I do have to admit that it is a joint effort.

It all starts with a strategy…

1. Knowing your business goal
2. Creating purpose/value driven content knowing your purpose to create content
3. Knowing your target market and narrowing down who your persona is and how you can connect with them
4. Knowing your message
5. Knowing your offer
6. Putting up an Ad
7. Keeping track of metrics
8. Seeing what is performing poorly
9. Seeing how you can adjust and re-strategize
10. Testing numbers again
11. Scaling on good performing metrics
12. Rinse and repeat

All of these tips take the emotion out of it all so you’re not telling yourself:

“OMG no one is coming on to my list!”
“OMG no one is buying!”
“OMG no one is engaging!”

I hope these tips are helpful for you.

There are a ton of different things you can do, but these can give you insight into some.

As usual this still takes me back to what I truly believe.

That is… If you know your core message, purpose, content mission and vision… everything else will fall into place…all the way to your ads and beyond.

Most people are so concerned about looking at the numbers first…

But, you have to have a foundation to jump off of to get to that point.

Don’t let numbers distract you.

Don’t let other people distract you.

There are so many shiny balls and way too much information thrown at you.

Know you.

Know what you want and what you want your outcome is and what you’ll get from it.

All the how-tos will fall into place.

Happy Content Creating!!

~ Regina Paula

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