The Art of Living Courageously Free Interview

I am looking forward to sharing your story with the rest of the world. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this podcast to inspire and show others that they too can live courageously free according to their own idea of freedom. Here’s a basic run down of what you can expect from me and what we would like from you.


Before the Interview

What to Expect

Once you book a time for your interview you will receive an email from confirming your appointment.

Example Questions

Here are some examples of questions you can use as a guideline. I may ask questions unique to you and am open to having a free flowing style conversation as well loosely following these questions as well.

  • What does being courageously free mean to you?
  • Our journey from A to B is never a straight line. What do you do to motivate yourself when you need that extra push over the hump?
  • What was one piece of advice given to you that you’ve taken to heart and implemented?
  • How are you generating revenue?
  • What is one piece of advice you would tell our little geniuses to push them to work to living towards their greatness?
  • What are some actionable steps you took to get to where you are now?
  • What books or audio or other media would you recommend to the little geniuses listening and why?
  • How can people get a hold of you?


What We Need From You

  • Reply to our appointment confirmation email after you schedule a time for your interview
    • Include your blog/website URL
    • Facebook URL (or favorite social media network) for our listeners to connect with you as your links will be featured on a blog post we do when your show is released on iTunes highlighting your interview on our website. We will do our best to get you as much exposure as we can which is our way of saying THANK YOU for the awesome interview.
    • Attach a 1280 x 720 picture or larger of so that we can feature it on our site along with your interview. (If your picture isn’t exactly1280 x 720 send it anyways and we will do our best to resize it and make it work for our blog.)
  • Our interview together will be about 30 minutes and it’s required that you use a microphone / headset for optimal podcast show quality. If you don’t own a headset/mic you can pick up my recommended low end headset on Amazon right here for only $25 and have it delivered to your doorstep in 2 days. It’s well worth the investment.
  • I will be using Skype for our interview so please make sure you download it on your PC or Mac before the interview.


You can schedule your interview below.


After the Interview


What You Can Expect From Me

I will give you an approximate date that your show will air. Though the dates will fluctuate, I will send you an email the day before the episode is on air and will include the following:

  • Direct episode links in iTunes and Stitcher Radio
  • Facebook and Twitter links so that you can easily share with your community


How You Can Help Me Help You

I will be sharing the podcast with my subscribers on iTunes and Stitcher Radio to help bring you more exposure. It will also be shared with my email lists and social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We would love your support by sharing it with your subscribers and fans as well. Please subscribe to AOLCF on iTunes and leave an honest review and rating so that your message can be spread to a bigger audience.   It is an honor to spend time with you on your journey and to share it with the world.


Warm regards,

Regina van de Velden

Regina van de Velden | The Art of Living Courageously Free

P.S. Legal Stuff: By agreeing to and recording this interview, you give The Art of Living Courageously Free and Courageously Free, LLC all rights to distribute and disseminate the interview in any format or manner. You also agree to allow Courageously Free, LLC all future rights to the produced media for speeches, printed material, books, videos, and all other public distribution.

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