Why Social Media Marketing Can Be Useless

What's been going on with us here at Courageously Free? I'll tell you in this 4:32 minute video and before you read why social media marketing can be useless... Comment below and let me know what YOU think... You've used social media for your business...

017 – Incorporate What You Love Into Your Lifestyle – SJ McCann – セラ – Destiny Forever

Professional Muay Thai fighter and entrepreneur takes her passions and builds her life around them. Whether she goes on relief or spiritual missions to help other people and herself, designing beautiful bracelets with her partner her zest for life is apparent in...

013 – You Have Permission to Break Down Your Limitations – Erika Young – Her Happy Trails

No words can describe how full your heart and soul is when you hear Erika speak. She sold her hair salon at the height of her success to put herself outside of her comfort zone and learned how to thrive. Enjoy her heart warming stories and follow "Her Happy Trails".  ...

010 – Don’t Be a Perfectionist – Hannah Dixon – Digital Nomad Kit

  Hannah's impeccable eye for design, detail and organization doesn't stop her from just taking the action she needs to showcase her entrepreneurial inner genius. This episode gives her take on why being a perfectionist can slow you down and how to get over it.  ...

031 – Medical Surgeon Quit To Live Life – Ameli Antoinette

Episode 031 Medical Surgeon Quit To Live Life After an extremely personal loss this medical surgeon made a drastic change to live a life of freedom... she left Peru to travel to the other side of the world. Listen to this medical surgeon turned entrepreneur talk about...

008 – Aspire to Be Around People Who Inspire You – Vashon Borich-Leach – TUFF Momma

  Even as a kid, Vashon's entrepreneurial spirit has inspired so many people around the world. She talks about the importance of being around people who inspire you. About Vashon: Vashon Borich (aka the T.U.F.F. Momma), is a digital entrepreneur, business coach,...

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007 – Finding Your Why to Liberate You – Freya Chapman – Chloe & Isabel

The most powerful and necessary thing to do when you're starting out your entrepreneurial journey is to find out your reason "WHY". Digging deep and finding your why will liberate you and drive you to where you want to be. Freya Chapman gives us some tips she teaches...

019 – Turning a Near Debt Jail Tragedy Into a Positive – Nat and Jodie – Housesitting Academy

With only $300 in their pocket and almost going to debt jail in Dubai, Housesitting Academy creators Nat and Jodie created their success by learning to go with the flow. Turning a near tragedy to one of the most positive experiences in their lives. Hearing Nat and...

020 – Your Heart Knows More – Gabrielle Morrision – Glowing with Health

Gabby is a firm believer and practitioner of listening to your "first voice", otherwise known as your gut instinct, when making decisions in life and in business. Once she started listening to the first thoughts that came to her mind everything started to flow.  ...

032 – A New Start to A Big Year – Regina Paula

Episode 032 A New Start to A Big Year Audio Only: It's been a wild ride behind the scenes with the AOLCF family. Literally...family. We've been on a mini hiatus and we're back to start this year with a bang! Enjoy the episode to hear what's going on and what to expect...

Take Advantage of the Opportunities Data Provides – Create Your Content System – Part 4 of 5

I remember when I used to be so focused on instant results when it came to getting online presence.

I used to think…
… I want 10k followers on Instagram
– I want to grow my list to 1,000 this month
– I want 500 views on my YouTube video.

I thought it was the be all, end all… If I just did one thing, that it all simply grow.

Well.. it did…


3 Ways to Embrace Your Vision – 3 of 6 of Part 1: Using Your Uniqueness to Fuel the Fire

I remember training for the Honolulu marathon in 2002 while living in San Francisco. Training was a lot harder than the actual race itself. Running up and down those hills and through Golden Gate Park seemed endless for those few months. I was raising money for the AIDS foundation and that helped fuel me. But, I also needed something to pull me forward. I had to constantly envision me

How To Create Originality and Authenticity – 1 of 6 of Part 1: Using Your Uniqueness to Fuel the Fire

adjective – created personally by a particular artist, writer, musician, etc.; not a copy.
adjective – of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.

Intro to Content Marketing

You’ve heard of “social media marketing” right?
It’s quite possible you’ve heard of “content marketing” as well.
Have you?
Perhaps not and maybe you’re not quite clear on either or both those terms.
What are

030 – From Cheerleader to Millionaire Following Her Heart – Kelly Roach – Unstoppable Success Radio

“If you don’t like something in your life or you don’t like the way you feel, it’s up to you to change your circumstances.” It’s this attitude that has taken Kelly from the victim mindset as a child to a millionaire truly following her heart and making the decision to create her life now as a millionaire and coach.

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