What does being courageously free mean to you?

The Art of Living Courageously Free Podcast (AOLCF) brings you conscious, heart centered entrepreneurs, industry and thought leaders. Find out what being courageously free means, learn how to Integrate the things you love with practical business knowledge, tips and advice from these “little geniuses” 3 x a week. He/She will also be asked questions that are specially designed for you to connect with and take that next step to being a little genius and living courageously free.

You, like everyone else, have your own meaning of what it is to live “courageously free”. To me, living courageously free is being able to live on my own terms, but still being able to contribute to the greater good. Living courageously free is a sum of total of how you’re courageously experiencing freedom in all areas of your life.

It’s taking a look at every part of your life (financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, mental) and asking yourself, “How do I feel?” about that particular area, facing the comfort and discomfort and figuring out what you need to do about it. If there is discomfort going out there and doing it by trying to find people who are experts in that area and emulating them.

In short, learn and implement what you’ve learned so that you too can teach others… the emphasis is on the doing.

We often get caught up on having to make things perfect first before succeeding, but it’s in the doing that makes you better at what you want to get good at. It’s really just a matter of creating new habits.

I interview people who choose to think and work outside the box because they feel strongly about what they believe in. These entrepreneurs may have even started where you are and worked their way into a world that they designed, consciously contributing to the greater good. I want to introduce you to people who you can get to know and emulate as you uncover your inner genius as you walk your journey to becoming courageously free so that you too can be a living example of other little geniuses to follow.

I am, Regina van de Velden. I became an location independent entrepreneur/digital nomad after leaving a job I loved because I knew there was something more to life than just working to make someone else’s passions. I knew that I deserved to work towards feeling good in all areas of my life in order to be a better person every single day. I also knew that if I wanted my life to change I had to change the things in my life.

AOLCF is inspired by Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Wayne Dyer, Grant Cardone, Brendon Burchard, Tim Ferriss, Chris Guillebeau, Marie Forleo, Kimra Luna, Chalene Johnson, Natalie Sisson, Grant Cardone, Elizabeth Gilbert, Aleya Dao.
The reality is… failure is not a destination. You have to keep on failing until you succeed

So, as you stay plugged into this podcast you will find the inspiration and motivation you need for your success even if you don’t even know what that is right now.


Little Geniuses

You are a little genius.

I truly believe everyone was born a genius and is really meant to do great things.

You are no different.

I want to serve as a channel to help you uncover your inner genius so that you can create a life of living courageously free in all areas of life.

I will bring you inspiring stories of other little geniuses who have embodied the art of living courageously free so that you can implement their advice and emulate their success.

You will get one-on-one time with them in 15-20 minute bite sized podcasts so that you can listen to one or two shows at a time while you are driving, working out or just simply lounging.

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