Di Downie bares all by giving you an alternative solution to “Planning Your Year”.

(Keep your ears open and notice some of the paradoxes in this episode)

No… I didn’t trick you. I just wanted to give you a new toolset to create your best year ever.

We’re so used to hearing about how we have to set new resolutions for the new year, but this simply isn’t true.

This gets deeper into a simpler process on what to do.

Keep these words in mind… Values. Needs. Tolerances. Focuses.

These are the specific words that Di will dig deep on to get you super focused this year without having to stress over planning planning and over planning.

You remember Di right? 

She was the very last person I interviewed in 2016 and there’s a specific reason why I have her here as the very FIRST person in 2017.

Enjoy her detailed breakdown of how she “plans” her year.

Get to know Di a bit deeper in her last interview here.

Di’s “Know Your Why” program in detail:

“Know Your Why”


Di’s “High Heel Paradox” Book:

A High Heels Paradox: For She'Preneurs Shift Your Ideas Into Reality For Profit Passion Independence

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