From country girl to CEO of 7 businesses and two time author, Di Downie gives advice from her years of insight and experience on all levels. She has a very holistic approach to business and her unique outlook makes you re-think why you’re doing what you’re doing.


About Di:

CEO of 7 successful companies. International Speaker, 2 x Author, some say a dog whisperer.

Inspired innovator of new ideas with a passion to share those tools of magic. Holds diverse certifications in business, personal development and varying health modalities, expert in mediation and Ideas to Reality Systems, Is an enthusiastic avid life long learner and Buckminster Fuller pupil.

Di was raised in rural Western Australia. She created her first innovative business when drought crippled their regular farm income.
Taking one step at a time, learning to trust herself, being guided by her values and what matters to her most, she says, is how she has been shaped herself into the she’preneur she is today.

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