With only $300 in their pocket and almost going to debt jail in Dubai, Housesitting Academy creators Nat and Jodie created their success by learning to go with the flow. Turning a near tragedy to one of the most positive experiences in their lives. Hearing Nat and Jodie is hands down one of the best moments here on the AOLCF podcast.


About Nat n Jodie:

Originally from Australia, Nat and Jodie have been traveling the globe as full-time house sitters since February 2013 looking after peoples homes and pets in their absence, in return for free accommodation. It is a lifestyle they absolutely love, and one they are passionate about sharing with other like minded souls seeking a location independent lifestyle.

In 2014 Nat and Jodie founded the ‘House Sitting Academy’, an online course containing the best tips and strategies gathered from the world’s most experienced sitters, and the Private House Sitting Referral Network for Academy Graduates called the ‘Inner Circle’.

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