Wall Street guru turned entrepreneur and founder of travel site “Your Local Cousin” gives solid advice about transitioning from the 9-5 to the entrepreneur lifestyle. His passion for wandering the globe is a perfect fit for his current venture. Enjoy listening to his episode.


About Kunal:

Kunal’s deep love for travel led him to create Your Local Cousin.

He has worked, lived and studied in seven cities across three continents and as a result he can bust out his German while drinking craft beer in NYC, find the best street food in Singapore, track elephants in the jungles of South India and drive through the insane traffic in Agra, his hometown.

Kunal has a decade of risk management experience at the Big 4 and holds an MBA from S.P. Jain and a BS from University of Maryland.

His favorite dish from all his travels is bee hoon fish soup because it is healthy, easy to make and delicious. Next on Kunal’s bucket list is to visit the biggest movement of life on the planet i.e. the wilder beast migration across East Africa and flamingos in Lake Natron, Tanzania.


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