Startup guru Oded Cohen started off like everyone else: brand spanking new as an entrepreneur. Yet, through the ups and downs he’s adamant about living by your own aspirations. He’s developed an innovative wearable that have many have come back saying they are living pain free. I truly enjoyed talking with Oded, and I know you will pick up many golden nuggets.

About Oded:

Oded Cohen is the founder and CEO of Upright, a wearable that trains you to stand and sit upright.

Oded, born in 1970 in Uganda, has lead an international lifestyle, being raised in Israel, Kenya and Thailand. He also moved from Israel to work in Taiwan and Nigeria throughout his career. Previous to UpRight, Oded has lead influential ventures in companies such as Elbit Systems, SEED2NET, Comverse Ltd, and managed a group of private companies in various industries.

Some of these ventures include developing and selling the design of a new cockpit, leading the Unified messaging team at Comverse, managing a marine infrastructure company, retail furniture factory, and other communication projects.

Oded’s educational background consists of a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and EMBA from Tel Aviv University. He served as a combat pilot and Squadron deputy commander in the Israeli Air Force. Oded moved back to Israel in 2014, to officially begin to build Upright.


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