Starting as an entrepreneur at a young age, Tiffany has gone through multiple shifts and she always strives for… always being a better person tomorrow than she is today. She’s quirky, funny, creative and insightful. Enjoy this episode as she takes you through a journey of continuous self improvement.

About Tiffany:

She has been an entrepreneur for 10 years. She’s a Type1 Diabetic, Dog Venturist and business owner in Canada in a little town called Jerseyville outside of Toronto.

Her passion project is the “The Travelling Pint“.

The Travelling Pint is about the people, places, and stories that have the potential to make our craft beer world more pleasant. From the story that started the brewery through to the creation, packaging, and guzzling, Tiffany Martin covers all thing craft beer culture in a unique way using video and social media.
The Travelling Pint came from love – and passion – for beer; and more specifically, craft beer. Tiffany Martin’s love lies not only with the beers brewed nowadays but the people and culture that seems to surround it. She enjoys nothing more than sitting at the bar rail sipping a fresh beer and hearing the story of how a tiny brewery started with nothing but $300 and a dream. She decided to start with a beer advent calendar in December, and after drinking 25 different beers in a row – and surviving – the blog portion of the Travelling Pint was born. “I believe in turning your passions into careers, and with the craft scene booming now in Ontario and Canada, I thought the timing was great to start sharing this with the world.”

Having been self-employed for ten years, Tiffany believes people should do what they love for “work” – as life is too short to hate what you do. She thinks it’s important always to be learning, as there is so much to we don’t know; indeed, Travelling Pint is centered around her thirst for knowledge about beer, brewing, the industry, and community. Tiffany is not your average Beer Reviewer that yammers on forever about colour, smell, and taste. She’s relatable to all beer drinkers from rookie to expert; she’s a real storyteller and hopportunist that loves both telling her stories and sharing those of the craft beer industry in a creative way. In essence, she’s a chick in a dude-dominated industry Past travels have taken Tiffany to Hong Kong & Thailand, Laos, Mexico, and Dominican; however, since starting the travelling Pint it has mainly been Canada & USA as the Craft beer industry is booming in the USA and rapidly growing in Canada. She has goals of visiting Czech, Belgium, Germany, and Japan and explore their unique beer scenes.


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