Hannah’s impeccable eye for design, detail and organization doesn’t stop her from just taking the action she needs to showcase her entrepreneurial inner genius. This episode gives her take on why being a perfectionist can slow you down and how to get over it.


About Hannah:

I’m an adventurer extraordinaire who empowers those with serious cases of wanderlust by teaching them how to capitalize on their existing skills in a digital environment as virtual assistants – so they can live a life without limits, traveling fearlessly and never having to think twice about paying extra for guacamole again.

Over the last 7 years I have been journeying worldwide, I’ve done some pretty cool/weird stuff:

*Learned how to be a dog musher in Austria
*Had a gun pointed to my head in Laos
*Worked as a perfume sprayer in New York
*Nearly died on a raging river, also in Laos
*Worked on a farm with moderately insane nudists in Slovenia
*Come face to face with a wild orangutan in Sumatra
*Hitchhiked through central Europe in freezing temps
*Been accepted as part of the family in a Malaysian household
*Hid from a hungry tiger in a tribal settlement in India

Probably the most profound of all my experiences was when I visited home after many years and met my new co-founder who showed me that I could work online to support my nomadic lifestyle indefinitely.

That was three years ago. Since then I have operated 2 online businesses, acted as an OBM for a few startups and became a full-time Virtual Assistant. I now know I will NEVER have to return to a 9-to-5, that I can live a life on my terms and more importantly, that you can too….and so was born Digital Nomad Kit.

I’m not just able to offer you inspiring travel stories – I actually work my butt off daily to allow for a lifestyle like this. When you hire me or a VA trained by me, it’s kinda like buying free range eggs over regular eggs. We’re happier than the average VAs, we’re free to roam, made of goodness and have happy lives – that affects our creativity, initiative and work ethics, naturally.


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