Even as a kid, Vashon’s entrepreneurial spirit has inspired so many people around the world. She talks about the importance of being around people who inspire you.

About Vashon:

Vashon Borich (aka the T.U.F.F. Momma), is a digital entrepreneur, business coach, public speaker, book author and martial arts instructor.

She has a passion for transforming the lives of stressed out business people into a life of freedom. To Vashon, freedom means making a living around your passions and having the time to do more of what you love. She believes that by embracing your inner T.U.F.F.-ness it will lead to success. T.U.F.F. stands for Tough, Unstoppable, Fearless and Free!

Prior to the life she leads now, Vashon spent 16 years as a senior corporate executive in the digital publishing industry.

On a fateful weekend in 2013, her career was outsourced and her first marriage disintegrated. Suddenly, she found herself as an unemployed, single Mom of two boys at a major crossroads in her life.

With the help of a mentor and through her connections with other online entrepreneurs, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and built a successful online
and offline business. She also is co-owner and instructor of a karate dojo in Missouri.

She also transformed her personal life into one of respect and love. This change opened the doors to her recent marriage to the man of her dreams.

Today, Vashon happily mentors people just like you on how to overcome your fears and create a life of freedom.

She looks forward to coaching you on how to reach your dreams by sharing her strategies for success.

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