From hustle to just being quiet, Darren Hanser realized his business thrived more when he took the time to take a step back to create space in his life and authenticity in his written words. He learned how to get more done in a shorter amount of time, opening up time to spend on the things he loves including his family.

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About Darren:

Darren’s journey into online marketing started with big dreams of quitting his job and travelling the world. For years, he battled his inner demons which held him back from his true potential.

But this couldn’t stop Darren from honing his skills, putting in the time, effort and determination to become the best in his field.

As a father of 2, Darren knew that if he was going to provide financially for his family, he had to run his own business… and after trying his hand at a number of network marketing opportunities, Darren found a small community of marketers who were using the internet to build large business.

Darren realized he loved to write, strategize and serve entrepreneurs — which ultimately guided him straight towards his zone of genius — Authentic Email Marketing.

Today, Darren is an online direct response marketing consultant for home business entrepreneurs. He is one of the most sought after “hired hands” for entrepreneurs and super-affiliates who want to turn their email lists into cash, by using his “Automatic Authority Formula” – a proven process for engagement and conversions through email.

Darren is living his vision of travelling the globe, recently spending 8 weeks in Bali and Australia, sharing his email marketing strategies with entrepreneurs at live events in both countries.


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