“Once you realize your ‘why’ is so much bigger than you, it’s impossible to stay stagnant in anything.”

Most have us have been taught to go through the hustle and grind and be logical about our path to success. The reality is that taking a step back and listening, following and healing your heart will help you flow along your path to and through your business with ease.

Now, this won’t make sense at first, but let Harriet Lanka take you on your first few steps (or remind you once again) that this is the only path to practice to ensure success. She has proven to increase her business even after running her brick and mortar business remotely. Imagine that! She physically stepped a way from her offline business and it grew. This is an episode to listen to and Harriet is a heart centered entrepreneur to emulate.

About Harriet:

From near death to living an activated life, I started my first business in 2001 in a 1 room massage office in Park City, Utah. Success and luck found me, because I showed up for the daily rituals that it took to make my business sacred space. A girl started a business and a business raised a woman. 13 years later, my spa & wellness center are the oldest & best in Park City, and I live with my shaman husband in Costa Rica, where I teach yoga and host healing soul cations for people who want to find their way. I have the same staff I’ve had since the beginning, and I’m teaching other spa owners the art of sacred space, so that they can attract long term therapists and clients.


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