One of the things I truly admire about Mike is his adamant desire to master one thing at a time. Where some people try to get multiple things at once and get nowhere, he takes the time to master something before moving to the next. This is a very important skill, especially when it comes to running an online business. Learn, be inspired and follow his example.

Enjoy this episode as I pick his brain a little and share a couple interesting little things you may not know about him.


About Mike:

Mike used to work in the music industry as an audio engineer in New Zealand. He traveled all around New Zealand and Australia with international talent from Tool to Snoop Dogg to the New Zealand Royal Ballet. I remember when we first started dating and got married he was working up to 100 hours a week and his body was literally breaking into bits and was on disability. He had to get a job that was easy on his body. This was around the time we started working online and he’s really the one that came up with the idea of traveling full time and the name “Courageously Free”.



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